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*Prices effective January 26, 2012

The Story of Rachel resource coverDVD
The Story of Rachel

Item #1a


This dramatic 4-minute training tool depicts the events set in motion by one battered woman's call to 911: from the criminal court case, to the child protection investigation, to a protection-order petition, to a visitation center visit, to her ultimate eviction. It is a powerful illustration of the complex relationship between battered women and the systems they turn to for help. Now with open/no caption options.

"We used “Rachel’s Story” at a community meeting today. In four minutes, it simply and powerfully conveys what it would take any of us months to do as eloquently!" (Advocacy program)

E-learning Course
Essential Skills in Coordinating Your Community Response to Battering coverEssential Skills in Coordinating Your Community Response to Battering:
An E-Learning Course for CCR Coordinators

Item #2a (high speed version)
Item #2b (CD-ROM/low speed version)

An innovative online learning course that you can complete at your own pace teaches you key steps in effective coordination and essential skills in how to: access national resources, talk with battered women to inform your thinking and frame core safety issues, analyze case files, talk with practitioners to benefit from their expertise, and facilitate a constructive interagency meeting. The illustrated 79-page student workbook contains nine chapters, clear and concise directions, and interactive exercises.

This course is available in a high speed internet version or a low speed/dial up (CD-ROM) version.
Note: the CD-ROM version is not compatible with Windows Vista operating system.

Comments from students who have experienced the training: 

            “Very user friendly.” 

            “The content was very applicable to my work as a task force coordinator; so easy to navigate.” 

            “I supervise coordinators in seven counties and [having completed the course] I will require 
            all of our community coordinator's to do it. It is an excellent building block for us to develop 
            our work…”

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Praxis Safety & Accountability Audit Tool KitPraxis Safety and Accountability Audit Took Kit manual cover
Item #3
*Tool Kit: $250

This toolkit is a critical how-to guide for communities assessing their institutional responses to violence against women. Specifically, it details the process for assessing the criminal justice system response to domestic violence. The method, commonly referred to as a safety audit, community assessment, and/or institutional analysis, has been applied to other institutional processes to improve outcomes for women and children, including child protection, family court, custody determinations, supervised visitation and exchange centers, and sexual assault criminal cases, and it has been adapted to examine disparity in foster care placements for African American children. Intended for local community use, the guides, templates, illustrations, and check lists outline the Audit's philosophical underpinnings, clarify the data collection steps and methodologies, and provide a knowledge base for a team's work.

Note: Praxis offers free assistance to communities interested in using the methods described in this toolkit. We encourage you to access this assistance frequently throughout the planning and implementation of your local assessment/audit: Individual phone and email assistance, monthly webinars, annual training, and additional tools and resources. We also engage in more intensive, customized assistance through contract with individual programs/communities using onsite and distance consultation and training. For more information about assistance available, contact Maren Woods, or 651-699-8000, ext. 10.

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The Safety and Accountability Audit Informational Video coverDVD
The Safety and Accountability Audit Informational Video  

Item #4
*or free to any grantee of the Office on Violence Against Women

This 14-minute presentation features a description of the Audit process as well as feedback and testimony from criminal justice practitioners across the U.S. who have been a part of Audits in their communities. To request a free copy, email

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Dramatization image of man holding a child away from a womanTraining Package
Will You Hold My Child...? 

Item #6
*or free to new Rural grantees of the Office on Violence Against Women 

This drama production on intervening in domestic violence cases involving children is a tool for grantees to use locally. The package includes a 60-page script, Agency Report Video Slideshow (playable on any computer with CD drive), Agency Reports Audio CD, DVD production guide for actors and directors, and a 61-page discussion guide. You can produce the play yourself. For more information, contact or call 218-525-0487 x 252.

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Public Awareness Campaign
it is time to dance... 
Item #7

This public awareness campaign was developed by an inter-tribal group of rural advocacy programs. We brought together our diverse experiences and identities to develop materials that incorporate our thinking, values and beliefs. The campaign is intended to reach Tribal Nations, Alaskan Natives and Native Hawaiians across the United States. We believe the positive message will inspire Native and non-Native alike to create positive responses to ending violence against women.

Click on an image to see a larger version.

It is time to dance campaign poster; Our Hope    It is time to dance campaign poster; Our Pride    It is time to dance campaign poster: Our strength   It is time to dance campaign poster: Our Tradition 

        our hope (child) – Our children carry the lessons from our ancestors and hopes for our future 
        our pride (community) – Our community carries the vision of our ancestors and the teachings of our elders 
        our strength (woman) – She walks with strength and power 
        our tradition (man) – He walks with truth, integrity and honor

Campaign Components:

  • Written guide on raising awareness and creating community dialogue
  • 4 sample posters (each 8.5" x 11")
  • CD with camera-ready materials, formatted for PC compatibility and professional printers, to print three sizes of four, color posters
  • CD with 4 broadcast quality radio PSAs
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Public Awareness Campaign
Take A Stand

Item #8

This public awareness campaign includes visual and audio aids that can be used as awareness and advocacy tools in your work with rural Black women who are battered. The materials are intended for organizations that are developing or have developed advocacy programs specifically for Black battered women, have specific training for advocates who work with Black battered women, or are working with established Black community organizations.

Click on an image to see a larger version.

Campaign Components:

  • 20-page guidebook
    • Includes 8.5x11 color posters
  • CD with broadcast-quality and camera-ready materials
    • 15, 30 and 60-second radio PSAs
    • 11x14 poster Like a Queen
    • 11x14 poster Love Shouldn’t Hurt 
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Take a Stand campaign posterTake a Stand campaign poster                                            
Teen Dating Violence packet coverPacket
Teen Dating Violence: Prevention and Intervention Strategies

Item #9 

This packet includes a DVD and written materials that focus on teen dating violence intervention and prevention strategies. It includes an in-depth interview with Carole Sousa, national expert on teen dating violence. Use it to raise awareness in your community, train new staff and volunteers, enhance your intervention and prevention strategies when advocating for teen victims, youth at risk, and adolescent perpetrators, assist advocates in mentoring and preparing youth to organize for social change, help advocates think through and develop strategies that involve youth in working to change the social climate around violence against young women, help advocates organize youth and community members to change school policies on teen dating violence.
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Repairing the Harm booklet cover Booklet and CD
Repairing the Harm: How Family & Friends Can Help Battered Mothers and Their Children 

Item #10

This 18-page booklet will help friends and family understand what battered women and children experience when living with a batterer. It provides insights about how responses from friends and family either hurt or help, and will guide friends and family to understand what they can say or do to help repair the harm caused by a battering father or step-father. The information and suggestions come from conversations with women and children who have survived battering and who were willing to share their experiences. Includes a CD with camera-ready art so you can locally duplicate copies of the booklet for public education.

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Rural Public Awareness Campaign
It’s hard to know what to do

Item #14

As people living in diverse rural communities, we share the common value of offering help to neighbors and family members when they face troubles. When the barn is hit by lightning and burns to the ground, as neighbors we all pitch in and help build a new barn. It’s natural to help a neighbor or family member. But when we see how the woman across the way is treated by her husband, or we see the bruises on our auntie’s or sister’s arms, we often don’t do anything or we say very little: It’s hard to know what to do. With this campaign, we hope to encourage all of us—as neighbors and family members—to call a local number to get some information and support for taking action to help any woman who is being abused.

Click on an image to see a larger version.

It is Hard to Know What to Do campaign poster     It is Hard to Know What to Do campaign poster    What to Do campaign poster    What to Do campaign poster    What to Do campaign poster in Spanish

Campaign Components:

  • Written 68-page guide
  • 7 sample flyers
  • 7 each of 8 1/2 x 11 and 11 1/2 x 17 posters (English and Spanish)
  • Newspaper commentaries
  • CD with print materials
  • Radio Public Service Announcements
  • Broadcast quality TV PSA
  • 3 CD series with 8 radio interviews
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Organizing Tribal Leadership packet coverAdvocacy Packet
Organizing Tribal Leadership:
Leading the Change in Your Community 

Item no longer available for sale

This packet includes materials to assist advocates in organizing tribal leadership around safety for women who are being battered. It provides advocates with strategies and tools to assist in restoring women to their pre-colonization status as sacred and valued leaders, enhance intervention and prevention strategies on behalf of children and women who are being battered, inform your community about the advocacy needs and challenges for victims of battering, and help advocates to work with Tribal leadership and the community to develop strategies to change responses and the social climate around violence against Native women.

Packet includes:

  • 2 CD audio interviews
  • CD resources: articles, handouts and Sacred Circle graphics
  • CD PowerPoint presentation

Work Book and Training PackageInvisible Workings cover graphic
(In)Visible Workings: A change-agent's guide to closing the gap between what people need and what legal and human service institutions do
Item #16 
The training materials, written by Ellen Pence, Ph.D., are designed to teach readers to recognize, and account for twelve structural features of institutions that adversely affect the people who have been drawn into institutional processes as “cases” to be “managed”. The focus is specifically on the management of domestic abuse related cases but the concepts and issues discussed can be applied to any social issue processed by the legal or human service systems.

This package is designed for people who want to understand these key institutional features in more depth – in particular, trainers who provide assistance to communities attempting to evaluate and enhance their current institutional responses and systems advocates who are ready for a more advanced and personally challenging course. We have assumed that readers have a high degree of training and advocacy expertise and a shared philosophical orientation to the issues relating to community intervention in domestic abuse cases. 

This training course includes a 221 page Problematic Features Workbook, a 176 page Supplemental Materials Manual, and three DVD’s.

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The Blueprint for Safety
Item #17
Blueprint for Safety cover image
The Blueprint for Safety is a unique document that delineates policies and protocols for all agencies involved in the criminal justice response to domestic violence cases to link them together with the common goals of safety and accountability, creating one cohesive document and method of intervention for a community's criminal justice system.
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Institutional Analysis (I.A.): Matching What Institutions Do with What Works for People    Institutional Analysis cover image
Item #18

This packet contains two articles describing Institutional Analysis (I.A). In The Institutional Analysis: Matching What Institutions Do with What Works for People, Ellen Pence describes to agency leaders the value and process of using I.A. She links her article to a compilation of interviews with people conducting I.A.s as part of their agencies. Three DVD’s and one CD accompany the resource, including an electronic version of Institutional Analysis: Making Changes from Below, written by Dorothy Smith with input from Ellen Pence, focusing on I.A. as a scientific methodology of analyzing institutions as they intersect in the lives of people who are mostly marginalized. Smith describes how I.A. identifies specific practices used by institutions that create gaps between those institutions and the people needing their services.

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