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Praxis International, Inc. is a nonprofit research and training organization that works toward the elimination of violence in the lives of women and children. We work with local, statewide, and national reform initiatives to bridge the gap between what people need and what institutions provide. Since 1996, we have worked with advocacy organizations, intervention agencies, and inter-agency collaborations to create a clear and cooperative agenda for social change in their communities.

Advocacy Learning Center

Class K began September 2014!

Classes L and M will be offered in the spring and fall of 2015.

Classes I and J are engaged in this 18-month, interactive course. Thus far, 506 advocates and 192 advocacy groups across the country have completed or started the course since 2009. See who

What advocates are saying:

"Brilliant. Inspiring. I can see how this course has a huge, long-lasting value, and is so incredibly important to our movement."

"I am a stronger advocate just in the short time I have been involved."

"It will be a very, very long time before I have an experience like this again."

"We are forever changed."

Institutional Analysis/Community Assessment  Safety Audit graphic

Praxis offers methods for institutional analysis and systems change work rooted in the field of sociology called institutional ethnography. Our tools provide ways for activists and representatives from institutions that process “cases” to move toward approaches that alter the ongoing case processing routines that ultimately shape case outcomes. Read more

Please contact Maren Woods, Program Manager, 651-699-8000 x 10 or email, if you have questions.

Institutional Analysis in the news:

Missoula starts sexual assault response safety, accountability audit

Missoula officials look for gaps in rape investigations

Missoula officials announce accountability audit for sexual assault investigations

Blueprint for Safety logoBlueprint for Safety

The Blueprint for Safety is a prototype that can be used by any community hoping to link its criminal justice agencies together in a coherent, philosophically sound domestic violence intervention model. Read more

Download for free or purchase a printed copy of the Blueprint for Safety: An Interagency Response to Domestic Violence Crimes.

Please contact Denise Eng, Praxis International: 651-699-8000, ext. 21 or if you have questions.

Articles related to the Blueprint:

Minnesota sees an outbreak of domestic violence

St. Paul has new Blueprint for tackling domestic violence

St. Paul preps 'Blueprint' for better domestic violence response

Safety Audit graphicPlanning and Conducting a Best-Practice Assessment of Community Response to Domestic Violence

Two new Best Practice Assessment Tools are available for communities who want to use the lessons learned from CCR efforts and Safety Audits to examine their system's response to battering. The assessment tools will help you analyze your community's response. Read more

weed logo with wordsPraxis International News, Vol. 1

The January 2014 edition is available. Read more

The Story of Rachel cover imageThe Story of Rachel

The Story of Rachel is now available with open captioning. This dramatic 4-minute training tool depicts the events set in motion by one battered woman' s call to 911: from the criminal court case, to the child protection investigation, to a protection-order petition, to a visitation center visit, to her ultimate eviction. It is a powerful illustration of the complex relationship between battered women and the systems they turn to for help. Order a copy

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